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HELP! I Want To Start A Business But I Am Not Sure Where To Start...

Yesssss! You are taking the first steps to starting a business. This is a fun and exciting time, yet you are feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed.

Don't be embarrassed by your feelings of confusion! I've been you before and I understand where you are. Thinking back to 2009 when I started my first business, here are a few things I wish someone would have told me to make things easier:

1) Figure Out The Problem Your Business Solves

If you know what problem your business solves, you truly have won half of the battle. Customers are paying you for a solution to some sore of problem they are having. If you know what that problem is and you can explain why your product/service is the solution to that problem then you will make money. This is one of the first steps to messaging and marketing, both of which are crucial to your bottom line.

2) Get Some Testimonials In most cases when we start a business, we've been playing around with it as a hobby for years before it became a business. For example, you may be just about to formally open your own salon but you've been doing hair for years. You may be just starting your life coaching business, but for years your friends/family have come to you for advice and guidance on how to navigate life. What I'm trying to say is that you probably are not as new to this as you think. Get some testimonials/reviews from these people you've served to boost your credibility. 3) There Kinda Is An Elevator To Success But it's going to cost you. It does not have to take you years to get to a certain point in your business if you plan on investing in yourself when it comes to coaching and training. This was a big factor in how I made my first six-figures in business. I got tired of being a broke entrepreneur and decided it was time to make a change. Investing in coaching helped me shorten my learning curve because I was able to avoid making certain mistakes. It also helped that because I made these investments, I had seasoned entrepreneurs around me to bounce ideas off if. I am such an advocate for coaching and consulting from the beginning because I know first hand how much time it saved me, and how it helped me avoid wasting money on things my business did not need.

For more info and resources on starting a business, make sure you are apart of my community. It's free and you can join here.


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