• Raevyn

How Do I Get Credibility For My New Business?

I know what it's like to launch a business and it basically feels like you've launched to crickets. You invested all this time and money into your launch and it suddenly feels like you are going nowhere, fast.

One of the best ways I have gotten clients in my businesses is from testimonials and authenticity. It is absolutely true that word of mouth marketing is still one of the best ways to get sales.

Because you may be a little new in business, you are probably thinking it's impossible for you to get any testimonials and you may be wondering what I mean by "authenticity." Let me break it down for you:

Want testimonials? Consider offering a trial run

Please note that a trial run does have to mean free and in this case it should not. When I launched my mink lash business, I knew that I was going into an industry that was considered very competitive. There were other great lash companies that had been around long before my company was so I needed some credibility for my products. We did a major pre-launch campaign before the website went up and offered lashes at a "insider" rate and sold out of all pre-order inventory. This gave us amazing reviews of the lashes and in turn, more sales and customers.

Authenticity Always Wins

I believe one of the reasons I have seen lots of success in business is because I've started companies that are true to who I am in real life. I always say that I am my best client. For example, if you happen to be lover of cooking and you are always showing videos of you cooking then trust and believe I am anticipating your cookbook! Me and many other people! You almost get automatic credibility for your business when it's something that just comes naturally to you and is not forced.

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